BML is a revolutionary online fundraising platform where children of all ages LEARN sell their own pre-loved toys, games, sports gear, books, electronics, school supply and other items. All of the proceeds are forwarded directly to their preferred social fundraising campaigns.

Now, don't make a mistake
thinking that BML is just
another e-commerce
platform that enables
users to sell their
used items.
BML is a safe and user-friendly platform
that enables and empowers children of
all ages to LEARN basic financial literacy
and experience youth entrepreneurship through their e-commerce fundraising activities.
We have built the platform with three main outcomes in mind.
Help K-12 schools, youth organizations and sports teams raise more money, net higher % of their student's sales and reach more donors inside and outside their geographical territory.
Help NGO's, Not For Profit organizations and corporate giving programs to better engage children and youth for fundraising purposes.
Enable and empower kids of all ages to learn basic financial literacy, online commerce and experience youth entrepreneurship through their fundraising activities.
  • Since 2008 Mr. Shaham has sold his own manufactured playgrounds and fitness equipment to hundreds of schools, youth organizations and not for profit organizations all over North America.
  • From a vendor perspective, Mr. Shaham has experienced the desperate need of schools and youth organizations to constantly raise funds in order to strive and even to survive.
  • In 2010 Mr. Shaham founded Junk2Gym, a nationwide initiative helping schools acquiring outdoor fitness equipment by paying with recycled electronics in lieu of cash.

  • Mr. Shaham possesses more than 20 years of entrepreneurship experience establishing and managing variety of businesses in 5 different continents.
  • In 2008 Mr. Shaham succeeded to transform a one man gang operation to the 8th fastest growing company in Atlantic Canada (Progress magazine) and a one of the 13 most Game changer companies in Canada (CBC business TV)  through the rescission era.
  • In 2013 Mr. Shaham was recruited by one of his competitors to manage their fitness division (sales, marketing and R&D). In his 16 moths of employment Mr. Shaham increased his division fitness
    domestic sales by 400% and its international sales by 800%.
Guy Shaham - Co-Founder & CEO
Mr. Shaham has a track record understanding where opportunities exists, how to develop them and the knowledge how to connect with
key targeted partners who also buy-in to the company vision. As a former IDF commander (Israel Defense Force), Mr. Shaham is a
natural leader, a hands-on owner and he consistently demonstrates a positive can-do attitude for the company. Guy’s leadership often
comes to the forefront when adjustments and learning are the main challenge.
Relevant market experience
General experience and achievemnets
  • Isaac is a creative professional with over 16 years of experience designing and developing for the web.
  • Isaac brings considerable knowledge and experience in management, website development and search engine optimization.
  • As an artist, constant learner and an autodidact, Isaac enjoy exploring new developments in the IT field and always look
    to grow his skills and understanding of new technologies.
  • Isaac has years of experience as a manager and a team leader as well as an IT professional.

  • 16 years’ experience in web development.
  • Creating, updating and maintaining multiple web sites
  • Profound knowledge in HTML, CSS, Joomla. WordPress, DotNetNuke, Photoshop and Dreamweaver, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Swift, C#, UI Design..
  • Highly skilled in the areas of interface design, usability, multi
    browser compatibility, and web standards.
  • years of experience in team management, marketing and
    business development.
  • Experience in managing website analytics, PPC advertising, and
    e-mail marketing.
Isaac possess bachelor degree of Arts (B.A.) Business Management and Human Resources from Newport University and is a successful photographer. In 2005 Isaac was the managing Director of Sivan College in Ashdod, Israel where he led the largest IT college team in southern Israel. Isaac managed the college budget and the development of strategic and sustainable relationships with organizations providing career opportunities for graduates and promoting the college.

Relevant IT experience
General experience and achievemnets
Our Board of advisors
Gerry Pond, Investor
East-Valley Ventures

Alexander Peh
Head of Market Dev. PayPal Canada
Gordon Neal

Kevilina Burbank
Education specialist, teacher, USA

David Upton
Common Good Solutions

Stephanie Fitzner Student, Alumni at
Junior Achievement

BML's "for-purpose" approach blends a for-profit business model with an educational directive and a charitable intention.

We are seeking to partner with:

  • NGO's, NPO's especially those who work with or for children and youth.
  • Social impact and ed-tech investors
  • Companies who have business and social interest in youth entrepreneurship education.
  • Compnaies who provide fundraising solutions
    to NGO and NPO organizations.
  • School boars, PTA, Youth sport clubs.
Interested in learning more is an online platform where K-12 students have an opportunity
to sell their new, like new or gently
used school supplies to potential
donors while we offer KINF
the option to benefit from
two outcomes:

1. The sales proceeds are
    forwarded directly to KINF
    to support its operations.
2. Donors who purchased the
    supplies can now re-donate
    them back to KINF to
    support its students
    in need.  
Our team and board of advisors
Isaac Moscovich - Co-Founder & CIO
Out of the 44 million K-12 students
who lives in the USA, 16 million
have difficulties filling their school bags with the appropriate
school supplies, while...
the other 28 million possess an overwhelming amount of un-used or gently used school supplies that are stored in boxes under their beds or
in basements and most likely will
end up in the landfill.