These items can be found packed in boxes under beds 
or in basements and will 
most likely end up in a landfill.
What if your young members 
had the opportunity to fundriase at the comfort 
of their homes 
selling items 
they already 
have in their 
possession right 
from their desktops, 
laptops or mobile
What if they could also learn some basic financial literacy and entrepreneurship 
through the entire 
BML is a revolutionary online fundraising platform where teen and youth sell their own pre-loved toys, games, sports gear, books, electronics and other items. All of the proceeds are forwarded directly to their youth organization's fundraising campaigns.

Here’s why your youth organization should consider BML when you plan your next fundraising campaign:
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Traditional door-to-door and bake-sale fundraising 
activities are outdated. 

These activities are:
They also require:
Your young members possess many items that they no longer use. These can be found packed in boxes under beds or in basements and will most likely end up in a landfill.
BML will help your 
memebrs turn these 
items into cash right 
from their desktops, 
tablets and cell phones 
so you can stop driving 
around the neighbourhood 
for door-to-door sales.    
As parents to young teens ourselves, we were very motivated to find a way for our kids to get rid of all the clutter in their rooms.

We always wondered why our kids were selling third-party products 
such as cookies, chocolate bars and paper wrap while they already possess so many valuable items that they don’t use.

Fundraising is inevitable and has become 
an integral part of your youth organization activities. There are many ways kids can fundraise; most of them involve large investments of time and money.
As a response to our frustration, we have created a new option for your next fundraising campaign – an option that will enhance your youth members' education, and keep them and their parents away from pounding the pavement.  
Using our safe and user-friendly platform, your young members are empowered to choose:

• Which products to sell and to whom,
• Their own fair price,
• How to safely market their items using multiple social 
  media channels, 
• How to sell (setting campaigns, discounts etc.), and
• How to pack and ship items to buyers.

BML provides full access to parents and guides so 
they can supervise all activities on the site.
• Netting less than 50% of the revenue 
   generated by your athletes,
• Costly and time-consuming for 
   athletes, parents and buyers,
• Of little educational value, and
• Un-safe and un-engaging. 

• An upfront investment,
• Massive leg-work, volunteering hours, and
• Complicated inventory management.
Instead, you can benefit from a win-win-win platform created especially for youth organizations, its young members and parents. 
No more lengthy fundraising campaigns.
Free your members’ time and give them a unique opportunity to learn basic financial literacy and experience youth entrepreneurship. 
Help your members and parents efficiently fundraise from the comfort of their own homes.
Let's face it: in order to strive or in some cases even to survive, youth organizations must send their memebers 
to fundraise. Each young member fundraise hundreds, 
if not thousands, of dollars every year.