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More then 70% of school principals and PTA’s have indicated that they would stop traditional fundraising campaigns
if they could afford to do so or if they could find an alternative solution.
Due to constant budgetary cuts, fundraising campaigns have become an integral activity in our students' lives. Whether they happen once or five times a year, fundraising activities are not going away anytime soon.
BML is a revolutionary online fundraising platform where K-12 students learn how to safely sell their own pre-loved toys, games, books, electronics and other items while their sales proceeds are forwarded directly to their class or school's social fundraising campaigns.
BML's revolutionary approach integrates
e-commerce and e-learning capabilities so kids learn key real-world business skills such as:

- online sales and marketing
- entrepreneurship and financial literacy
- creative thinking and social responsibility
BML allows parents and teachers to supervise the entire process.

Parents can control what their children sell, to whom, for how much, and are encouraged to get involved
in the overall experience. 

Through the entire fundraising process, and from the comfort of their homes or classrooms, students are empowered to choose:

- which products to sell and to whom,
- their own fair price,
- how to safely market their items over social media channels,
- how to sell (sales techniques, setting discounts etc.), and
- how to pack and ship items to buyers.

BML provides full access to parents and teachers so they can supervise all activity on the site.

BML's winning formula is not as complicated as other campaigns.
It is based on a few simple facts:

1.  Traditional door-to-door and bake-sale fundraising activities
     are no longer relevant and are:

•  Netting less than 50% of the revenue
   generated by your students;
•  Costly and unrewarding for students,
   parents and buyers;
•  Of little educational value; and
•  Un-safe.

They also require:

• An upfront investment,
• Massive leg work and volunteering hours, and
• Complicated inventory management.
2. If our own kids have a collection
   of discarded toys, electronics
   books and other items that are
   easily worth between $400 and
   $1,000, then it is likely that other
   kids in their school possess the
   same things.
For example: 459 students who attend our own children’s school collectively possess a
"gold mine" of items that are worth more
than $220,000.

How many cookies and chocolate bars would match that much inventory?

Here’s why your school should consider BML when you are planning your next fundraising campaign:
BML is a safe and user-friendly
tool that can help schools
and their students turn
their used items into
cash right from their
desktops, tablets or
cell phones and save these
items from the landfill.

As parents we were triple excited:

1. We don’t have to send our kids out to sell chocolate bars
   and cookies door-to-door, or even worse, try to sell it all
   ourselves on their behalf.

2. We can let our kids sell their own forgotten possessions
   while learning a thing or two about financial literacy and
   experiencing youth entrepreneurship.

3. We now have a chance to give our kids the opportunity
   to generate more revenue while they can finally get rid
   of all the clutter in their rooms without throwing it to the

We truly hope that you can get as excited
about our platform as we are.

BML is a win-win-win fundraising platform
that was designed with schools, PTA’s, students and their parents in mind.

As frustrated parents to young kids, we created a new option for your school fundraising campaign – an option that will enhance your students' education, enable them to re-use their own possessions and save them from the
landfill, and keep them and their parents away from pounding the pavement.
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Let’s face it.

It's not just the first lady that hates fundraising.

K-12 teachers, school principals, students and their parents don’t
like it either.