Do you manage an NGO or NPO?

If you do, then we have
one question for you.

How many cash donations do you    raise directly from kids and youth 
  compared to adults?

Adults         Kids/Youth
50%      50%

60%      40%

70%      30%

80%      20%

90%      10%

Less than 10%
Continue reading to learn how BML can help you increase cash donations from kids and youth.

Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Most NGOs and NPOs do not raise money directly from young people. In fact, many do not even have a strategy
on how to do so.

The consensus is that children and teens don’t have their own money, they do not run half marathons so why spend time and resources on that market segment?
Children in North America hide a $10B inventory under their beds.

Children possess many items that they no longer use. These can be found packed in boxes under beds or in basements and will most likely end up in a landfill.
BML is an easy-to-use web platform that helps children turn these
items into cash right from
their desktops, tablets
and cell phones.

BML is a safer and more engaging way for children to raise money
for your organization than driving around the neighbourhood for
door-to-door sales of chocolate
bars and cookies.
Here’s why your NGO/NPO should consider us as a strategic partner
for your ongoing fundraising campaigns: 

Children of all ages can be socially responsible citizens by donating their sales proceeds to their preferred fundraising campaign.

Increase your donations revenue from 44 million potential young donors.

Save millions of toys from  landfills.

On the BML platform, after buyers pay for their items, they are able to ship the toys to themselves or donate them to NGO's or not-for-profit organizations who can send the toys to shelters, hospitals and developing countries to get them to kids in need. 

Children want to give and help.

BML is a safe and engaging
tool that helps them to do so.

Let's talk about what we can
do together to increase
your donation revenues.